The Violent Land (The Family Jensen)

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By default, it sorts by the number, or alphabetically if there is no number. If you want to force a particular order, use the character to divide the number and the descriptor. So, " 0 prequel " sorts by 0 under the label "prequel. Walking on Water is about education It begins: "As is true for most people I know, I've always loved learning. As is also true for most people I know, I always hated school. Why is that? Endgame is interspersed with what he describes as the inherent unsustainability of civilization.

In this book he asks: "Do you believe that this culture will undergo a voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of living? The answer? Nobody knows, because we never talk about it: we're too busy pretending the culture will undergo a magical transformation.

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Most of Jensen's writing uses the first-person and personal experiences to construct arguments. His books are written like narratives, lacking a linear, hierarchical structure. They are not divided into distinct sections devoted to an individual argument. Instead, his writing is conversational, leaving one line of thought incomplete to move on to another, returning to the first again at some later point. Jensen uses this creative non-fiction style to combine his artistic voice with logical argument. Jensen often uses quotations as reference points for ideas explored in a chapter.

In , Jensen wrote Thought to Exist in the Wild with photographs by Karen Tweedy-Holmes , which discussed the keeping of animals in zoos on both a physical and philosophical level. The book won the grand prize for the Eric Hoffer Award for Books. Resistance Against Empire consists of interviews with J. Jensen's contribution consists of end-of-chapter responses to common queries he gets regarding bringing down civilization.

Family Jensen

The bulk of the book is written by the other two authors and covers the history of effective militant resistance movements such as parts of the U. After the publication of this book, the authors co-founded an organization by the same name.

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Aric McBay left the organization at the beginning of , however, attributing his departure to the alleged cancellation of a transgender-inclusive policy by Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith. In , Jensen also published Dreams , which draws on the mythologies of ancient cultures and the wisdom of contemporary thinkers like Jack Forbes , Waziyatawin a Dakota activist , Paul Stamets , and Stanley Aronowitz and is Jensen's challenge to the view that there is no knowledge outside that gained by science, and Truths Among Us , a thought-provoking collection of interviews with 10 leading writers, philosophers, teachers, and activists who argue against society's belief that corporations and governments know what is best for the future.

Derrick Jensen's views are broadly controversial.

The radical magazine CounterPunch , in addition to publishing interviews with and articles written by Jensen, has also published commentaries by others who are critical of the potential for Jensen's philosophy to lead followers towards nihilism due to his "apocalyptic" warnings. The organization Deep Green Resistance DGR , of which Jensen is a founding member, has been accused of transphobia in relation to its radical feminist advocacy.

According to DGR's radical feminism, gender refers to a patriarchal caste system rather than a subjective set of feelings about sexual identity.

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Its members claim to be "critical of gender itself. We are not gender reformists—we are gender abolitionists. Jensen has rarely commented publicly on transgender politics, although in his book Endgame , Jensen does briefly mention transgender people, along with other marginalized groups , in a call for political solidarity. I believe that women have the right to bathe, sleep, gather, and organize free from the presence of men," in response to DGR members denying a transgender woman membership in a women's caucus space.

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Another CounterPunch article claims that Jensen's current beliefs challenge the "gaslighting" "essentialist position" held by "trans activists on their assertions that In March , Jensen stated that his book, Anarchism and the Politics of Violation , had been pulled before publication because he "dared to critique queer theory ", and that the publisher, Seven Stories Press , had referred to the book as "a misuse of truth".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the environmental activist.

The Violent Land (The Family Jensen) The Violent Land (The Family Jensen)
The Violent Land (The Family Jensen) The Violent Land (The Family Jensen)
The Violent Land (The Family Jensen) The Violent Land (The Family Jensen)
The Violent Land (The Family Jensen) The Violent Land (The Family Jensen)
The Violent Land (The Family Jensen) The Violent Land (The Family Jensen)
The Violent Land (The Family Jensen) The Violent Land (The Family Jensen)
The Violent Land (The Family Jensen) The Violent Land (The Family Jensen)
The Violent Land (The Family Jensen) The Violent Land (The Family Jensen)
The Violent Land (The Family Jensen)

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