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Many of the town's rich kids promptly elect themselves as enforcers, with almost all of the less fortunate townies regarded as targets of capture. Before long, anarchy erupts. Fugitives are seized and enforcers revel in their sovereignty, drunk on power. The scene, just as many others are, is emblematic of the cardinal friction that undergirds the episode series from showrunner Christopher Keyser: To anchor control, you've got to enforce order.

Not surprisingly, order doesn't come easy in West Ham. There are no adults. Food is in limited supply and it's unclear how long resources—like water and electricity—will last. There's no internet or TV.

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And contact outside the town's borders is impossible. Clever is not the same thing as true.

There is a point to everything. There are answers. A less-than-savvy remix on the classic novel Lord of the Flies with echoes of teen pulp engines Riverdale and Degrassi , The Society is a moderately engaging YA soap.

‘The Society’ Review: Netflix Drama Turns Teens Loose With Almost Totally Satisfying Results

The show, which hit Netflix today, focuses on a group of high schoolers—, to be exact—who go on a weekend trip but, when the weather proves too disastrous, are returned home the same night. Only, it's not home. They've been transported to a town that, in every way, looks like the manicured New England suburbia they grew up in—but isn't. Speculation as to where they are, and why they've been brought to what they eventually designate as New Ham, runs the gamut. Maybe they're in Hell or The Matrix. Perhaps it's some parallel universe. Or possibly a dream. What if it just is?

When a group of students suggests driving to the next town over, they discover all exits out of New Ham have been blocked by dense impassable "woods that go on forever. There are signs all around yet nothing adds up. For Will Jacques Colimon , the lone biracial kid who's lived in "six foster homes over two years," the predicament is as plain as the grass is green: "We're all orphans now. What we do. One of the show's smarter instincts is to not dwell on the why, and instead excavate the consequences of its supernatural occurrence.

What happens when there are no adults to govern? Who gets to make the rules then? The material is prime for Keyser too, who co-created the mid-'90s Fox drama Party of Five , which also concerned itself with the toll of abandonment.

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Fundamentally, the problem of The Society is this: It presents a complex theory and proposes to solve it with a less-than-complex carousel of characters. By the third episode, New Ham begins to find order. Rules and roles are established, but cracks remain.

The Society season 2 plot: What will happen?

Shared duties—like food prep for communal meals, trash pickup, and town repairs—don't rest well with those who come from privilege and have never had to work to survive. Still, as much as The Society looks to Lord of the Flies , it is not entirely preoccupied with nostalgia. It wants to be its own thing, even as it gets mired in trite platitudes. I think that the kid thrown into the situation is probably at the center of the world from my perspective going forward.

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Kathryn Newton spoke to Cosmo as well and assured us that Allie is not a goner. That smile she shot Lexie before being shoved into the van definitely means something. Harry really likes Ally, he might help her out and come back around. He looked pretty sad when she was taken away. Apparently, when Keyser first drafted The Society , it was meant to split evenly between West Ham and New Ham, but they ultimately decided to stay focused on the kids. Hard agree. Now that Campbell and the scary football players have seized power, what are they going to do with their competition?

They may have framed Allie and Will Jacques Colimon for attempting to steal the election, but when whatever strategy the new regime puts in place undoubtedly fails, the horde of terrified teens might want its OG leaders back.

The Society (TV series) - Wikipedia

In this messed-up society, the move seems to call for the death of any and all political opponents. Last, we really saw Elle. With literally nowhere to run, what was she supposed to do when he banged down her door? Allie needs you to get it together, girl! Will she learn what really happened? If so, what is she going to do about it? We know she knows her way around a weapon.

How did he make this universe happen and how do they find him? On the wall is a memorial to their missing teens, and everyone is wearing little yellow ribbons in their honor.

The Society Cast Recaps Season 1 - *Lots of Spoilers* - Netflix

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