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This incorporates the "Yin and Yang" principle explained in Part I of this article which, in a nutshell, says that you experience better recuperation when you do another set for the antagonistic body part in-between sets. So, you might consider pairing chest and back; biceps and triceps; and quads and hams. Reps: Sets of relatively low reps target the type IIB muscle fibers, and these are the fibers that have the least endurance.

Therefore, I do these low-rep sets early in the workout while these particular muscle fiber types are still fresh the "IIB or not IIB" principle. Tempo: Note the tempo indicated in my example workout. This tells me that I should take 4 seconds to lower the weight, no pause, followed by a 2-second concentric or lifting phase.

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By doing these slow, controlled reps, I'll ensure that my time under tension will be close to 30 seconds, which again suits these muscle fibers best the "time under tension" principle, and the "change the beat around" principle. Rest: Again, different muscle fiber types respond better to different rest periods, and type IIB fibers which are being targeted here in my first group of exercises respond better to longer rest periods.

It may be difficult for traditional muscle builders to wait this long between sets, but it's the absolute correct thing to do if you're after additional strength and size. Now, I'll record my weights and reps achieved for this workout, and I'll continue to do so for the next five workouts. Remember the "Borg Principle," the one that says your body becomes "hard-wired" to a particular routine? Well, it's true, and you really shouldn't do the same exercise or group of exercises more than 6 times in a row.

After that sixth workout, I'll pick two new movements for chest and back.

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For instance, my "A1" movement might even be dips, doing 4 sets of one rep each, with a tempo of that's right, 15 seconds on the way up and 15 seconds on the way down. Likewise, my "A2" movement might be close-grip chins for a tempo. You're probably wondering why I record these first two exercises and no others.

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Well, as mentioned, the completely structured, completely-planned-beforehand workout doesn't work with me, mentally. I find myself thinking about the next set while I'm still doing the current one. But, by keeping careful records of the first movement for each body part, I can determine if my workouts continue to be effective.

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For instance, if I fail to either increase the weight or the reps on each subsequent workout, I know I'm not hitting it hard enough on the subsequent movements. You, however, may prefer a lot of structure. If that's the case, simply write out your entire program beforehand using Chuck's principles. Just make sure you change your program after every 6 th workout or so that's every 6 workouts for that particular body part or parts. Let me reiterate that the above exercise combo isn't my entire chest and back workout.

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But after this, I free-wheel it, doing a combination of exercises that employ the Poliquin Principles but change constantly from workout to workout. This keeps me amazingly fresh mentally and allows me to keep making far more progress than I might have had I stuck to a completely pre-determined workout. For instance, after I've done these first two low-rep exercises, I'll want to do some mid-range rep training approximately Consequently, I'll often do two exercises that:.

A Work the muscle slightly differently, i. B Incorporate a slightly faster tempo. Since I'm doing 8 to 10 reps, I don't want to do incredibly slow reps because that will bring my total time-under-tension beyond the second range I've established for myself. Consequently, my tempo will probably be about or somewhere in that range. C Require less rest. Since, by doing higher reps, I'm working the fiber types that have greater recuperative abilities, I'll rest only about 60 seconds in-between sets.

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Okay, so we've done a few sets in the low-rep range and the middle-rep range. That means that a good portion of your total number of muscle fibers have been recruited and put to work. That leaves your slow-twitch fibers. They've barely broken a sweat and they're laughing at all the low-endurance fibers that are gasping, wheezing, and massaging their bruised sarcomeres.

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Time to put these high-resistance fibers to work with some high-range rep training. I've got several options here for doing high-rep sets, but generally, I'll throw out the Yin and Yang principle when I do them. In other words, I'll do the same exercise for three consecutive sets without bouncing back and forth between two exercises for two antagonistic muscle groups.

Sure, the Yin and Yang principle is designed to allow for greater recuperation of a muscle groups, but given that you're doing work specifically for muscle fiber types that have great endurance, we can temporarily ignore the Yin and Yang principle during high-rep sets.

For instance, I might do three sets of dumbbell flyes for 12 to 15 or even 15 to 18 reps each, with only 45 to 60 seconds of rest in-between sets. Then, after I've completed all three sets of flyes, I might do three sets of one-arm dumbbell rows, again doing reps per arm and taking only seconds of rest in-between sets.

There are other options, too. I might, on occasion, do three sets of vertical bench presses machine , doing a 6,6,6, rep-scheme where I do 6 reps to failure, wait 10 seconds, reduce the weight, do 6 more reps, wait ten seconds again, and reduce the weight and do a final 6 reps. After resting for 45 seconds to 60 seconds, I'd do the next set. In this just-mentioned scenario, I'm using heavier weights than I might for a straight-out set of , but I'm still fatiguing the high-threshold slow-twitch muscle fibers.

Lusignan admitted it was odd. It can do no harm. Why, if I was to leave them off I should catch a dreadful cold; and that would be sure to settle on my chest, and carry me off, in my present delicate state. Besides, it is so unfeminine not to wear them. This staggered Mr. Lusignan, and he was afraid to press the point; but what Staines had said fermented in his mind. When Dr. Staines had satisfied himself that the disorder was easily curable, then wounded pride found an entrance even into his loving heart.

That two strangers should have been consulted before him! He was only sent for because they could not cure her. As he seemed in no hurry to repeat his visit, Mr. Lusignan called on him, and said, politely, he had hoped to receive another call ere this. Staines groaned, and, when he had groaned, he lectured. You find her breathing life's air with half a bellows, and you tell her so. But, on inquiry, you learn there is a raw red line ploughed in her flesh by the cruel stays. Not a bit. I changed them, because they hurt me. He then laid before him some large French plates, showing the organs of the human trunk, and bade him observe in how small a space, and with what skill, the Creator has packed so many large yet delicate organs, so that they should be free and secure from friction, though so close to each other.

He showed him the liver, an organ weighing four pounds, and of large circumference; the lungs, a very large organ, suspended in the chest and impatient of pressure; the heart, the stomach, the spleen, all of them too closely and artfully packed to bear any further compression. Is it a small thing for that sex, which, for good reasons, the Omniscient has made larger in the waist than the male, to say to her Creator, 'You don't know your business; women ought to be smaller in the waist than men, and shall be throughout the civilized world'? In short, he delivered so many true and pointed things on this trite subject, that the old gentleman was convinced, and begged him to come over that very evening and convince Rosa.

Staines shook his head dolefully, and all his fire died out of him at having to face the fair. Authority is the only weapon. My profession and my reading have both taught me that the whole character of her sex undergoes a change the moment a man interferes with their dress. From Chaucer's day to our own, neither public satire nor private remonstrance has ever shaken any of their monstrous fashions.

Easy, obliging, pliable, and weaker of will than men in other things, do but touch their dress, however objectionable, and rock is not harder, iron is not more stubborn, than these soft and yielding creatures.

By Charles Reade

It is no earthly use my coming—I'll come. He came that very evening, and saw directly she was worse. He looked ruefully at Mr. Lusignan and was silent. Rosa smiled sarcastically; she thought he was at his wit's end. Not quite: he was cudgelling his brains in search of some horribly unscientific argument, that might prevail; for he felt science would fall dead upon so fair an antagonist.

At last his eye kindled; he had hit on an argument unscientific enough for anybody, he thought. A Syrian general had a terrible disease. He consulted Elisha by deputy.

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  6. Elisha said, 'Bathe seven times in a certain river, Jordan, and you will get well. In short, he preferred his leprosy to such irregular medicine.

    But it happened, by some immense fortuity, that one of his servants, though an Oriental, was a friend, instead of a flatterer; and this sensible fellow said, 'If the prophet told you to do some great and difficult thing, to get rid of this fearful malady, would not you do it, however distasteful? Your case is parallel. You would take quantities of foul medicine; you would submit to some painful operation, if life and health depended on it; then why not do a small thing for a great result? You have only to take off an unnatural machine which cripples your growing frame, and was unknown to every one of the women whose forms in Parian marble the world admires.

    Off with that monstrosity, and your cure is as certain as the Syrian general's; though science, and not inspiration, dictates the easy remedy. The idea of comparing yourself to Elisha, and me to a horrid leper! Much obliged!

    Simpleton High Volume 3 Simpleton High Volume 3
    Simpleton High Volume 3 Simpleton High Volume 3
    Simpleton High Volume 3 Simpleton High Volume 3
    Simpleton High Volume 3 Simpleton High Volume 3
    Simpleton High Volume 3 Simpleton High Volume 3
    Simpleton High Volume 3 Simpleton High Volume 3
    Simpleton High Volume 3 Simpleton High Volume 3

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