Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls)

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A locker search for drugs at the local high school leads to the arrest of Kimberly's best friend, Lisa Fenn.

Meanwhile, a protected Federal witness turns up in Rome which leaves Sheriff Brock and his force concerned. Also, Carter has a melancholy reunion with his brother when he arrives in Rome for the funeral of their mother. Jill is arrested after she performs surgery on a woman whose Christian Science beliefs prohibit medical intervention.

Zach wants to convert to Judaism because Jews do not believe in hell. Matthew's attempts to get revenge for a humiliation by some high-school bullies by threatening them with a gun takes an unexpected turn, which lands one of them in the hospital and Matthew in jail for attempted murder. The situation goes from bad to worse when the victim's brother shoots Matthew in revenge, forcing several major decisions from the department as well as a potentially life changing event for the Brocks.

Meanwhile, Mayor Harris' decision to roll back deputy salaries inspires a round of "blue flu" with Kenny and Maxine. Littleton and Wambaugh go head to head again in the courtroom as Wambaugh argues that his latest client, Timmy Hendricks, was predisposed to violence because of his exposure to television and movies. Meanwhile, Sheriff Brock reacts with anger against Mayor Harris' attempts to impose a strong police presence in Rome, including fingerprinting all the citizens and random searches of vehicles for weapons, despite Matthew nearly having permanent paralysis from being shot.

Howard Buss's son Kevin will die without a heart transplant so Howard, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, seeks a court order to allow him the right to assisted suicide so he can give his heart to his son. Frank the Potato Man sues the town for a place to live, claiming an implied social contract. Valentine's Day brings romance to many members of the community. Maxine helps Carter woo Stacy Halford, a local widow.

Kimberly and her boyfriend find they have different attitudes regarding sexual-consent guidelines, and Zack takes a dare and kisses his girlfriend only to find himself in trouble. A year-old softcore pornographic video of Mayor Rachel Harris surfaces.

The Struggle

The town clergy lead a movement to remove her from office. Howard Buss, as senior member of the town council, becomes acting mayor. Kimberly is kidnapped and held hostage by a man Louis Gossett, Jr. A pound woman confesses to murdering her husband by sitting on his head. Douglas Wambaugh is expelled from his synagogue and seeks a ruling in a Jewish religious court to be reinstated. A high-profile murder trial in which the defendant is accused of murdering two police officers is transferred to Rome.

Sheriff Brock winds up as the foreman of the jury that must decide the defendant's fate. Max arrests Jill's father. The Brocks invite her to dinner in hopes of smoothing things over but end up confronting their own issues with each other as well. The town learns of Father Gary Barrett's fetish for women's shoes following a fire in the church rectory. Matthew has been having sexual fantasies and he fears his sexual feelings are a sin.

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The parents of a boy dying of leukemia seek a court order to allow them to place the child in cryonic suspension. Howard Buss' Alzheimer's disease worsens and his anguished son Kevin shoots him to death. Kevin is put on trial for murder. A local girl disappears and Sherriff Brock suspects her boyfriend, Brian Latham, is involved. Meanwhile, Jill opposes a grade school teacher who is teaching creationism. District Attorney Littleton and defense lawyer Douglas Wambaugh prepare for the upcoming murder trial of Brian Latham.

Littleton is concerned that his case will be hampered by the absence of hard evidence. A Wisconsin Federal judge orders that black students from the Green Bay ghetto be bused to Rome's schools, prompting panic among Sheriff Brock and the parents, knowing that a good number of them are lowlifes and drug dealers that come from that neighborhood. Meanwhile, Wambaugh gets a surprising response to his appeal of the Brian Latham murder conviction to go the U.

Friday's Feature: Amish Anthology by J.E.B. Spredemann

Supreme Court in Washington DC. Also, Maxine makes a mess of her relationship with Littleton. Jill and Judge Nance air their feelings in a heated face-to-face exchange after she is arrested when she reveals that she performed surgery on the Christian Science man. Meanwhile, Kimberly has a run-in with one of Green Bay's transfer students, named Aisha, who initially responds with hostility. Also, Littleton asks Maxine out on a date. After a young girl spray paints a pentacle on a wall at school, Sheriff Brock removes her from the custody of her mother, a practicing Wiccan, and a court custody battle ensues.

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Max and Kenny discover Ginny frozen to death in her own freezer. Jill's mayoral campaign is damaged when Zach writes a school report filled with racist content, which he copied from an out-of-date book. Kimberly befriends Aisha when her classmate is bullied over good grades. Wambaugh accompanies Jill Brock to Chicago where he receives a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis at Chicago Hope Hospital in this series crossover episode.

Jill clashes with Dr. Jeffrey Geiger Mandy Patinkin who, she feels, looks down on her as a small-town doctor. Wambaugh realizes the dream of a lifetime when he presents oral arguments before the Supreme Court. While Brian Latham continues to proclaim his innocence, Kenny and Max review the evidence of the case and begin to believe he is telling the truth.

Jimmy turns 55 and suffers a midlife crisis. Carter Pike suspects that bizarre genetic experiments are being carried out on cows at a remote farm. This episode was originally planned as a crossover with The X-Files. A masseur known for giving erotic massages to many female residents of the town is found dead in his freezer. Jimmy Brock is upset when he learns that his wife, Jill, was one of the masseur's clients.

The Frog Man's son tires of his father and goes to court for emancipation. Meanwhile, Zach is injured in a terrible accident and Jill overreacts, striking Matthew for accidentally hurting Zach. Jimmy Brock's ex-wife, Lydia, visits unexpectedly and brings with her an unusual request — she wants to have another baby, and she wants Jimmy to father it.

Carter pronounces a woman dead after she collapses while singing, but she later "wakes up" in the morgue and sees Carter as her soulmate. Meanwhile, Kenny and Max take their relationship to the next level. When a child molester moves to Rome after spending 16 years in prison it causes big problems for the local residents, especially with Jill and Jimmy, who are struggling to reconcile parental concerns with their professional duties.

The hearing impaired Dancing Bandit is arrested when she visits Zach on his birthday. Federal authorities want her trial to be set in Rome, where the jury reaches a surprising verdict. Jimmy goes outside of his department to get the help he needs to find Ed Lawson, who is wanted for murder. Meanwhile, the town launches its own search to find a new mayor, and Kenny and Max are caught kissing on the job. Jimmy consults Jill when a terminal cancer patient dies of a morphine overdose. When Jill is found guilty of physician-assisted suicide , Wambaugh insists that Judge Bone put the issue of euthanasia on trial.

Meanwhile, Kenny and Carter discover that Zack has been killing swans in a nearby pond. When Zach develops stigmata -like sores on his hands, his friends believe he has healing powers, and a classmate asks him to cure his brother of leukemia.

Mennonites, Amish face growing recognition of widespread sexual abuse in their communities

Jimmy's father, Walter Brock played by James Coburn , pays an unexpected visit and asks Jimmy to take over his law firm. This offer provokes long-standing father-son animosities, with Jimmy finally admitting that he dropped out of law school because he believed he would never measure up to his father's expectations of him. After Father Gary Barrett is shot and killed during a robbery at the church, Mayor Bey proposes holding a spring musical pageant to help pull the community out of its somber mood.

Kimberly surprises her parents with her plans to attend medical school out of state. Carter Pike's house catches fire after he had taken some sedatives, leaving Jill Brock to suspect a suicide attempt.

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The Wambaughs have an argument on their 40th anniversary as a tornado threatens the town. Jimmy and Jill worry about Kimberly who is away at college. Meanwhile, Carter meets an interesting new woman while buying quilting supplies. A former talk show host, Dr. Kenny begins using a dating service.

District Attorney John Littleton's convict brother escapes from prison and makes his way to Rome. Maxine is in trouble after she shoots a man wearing a bratwurst costume. Meanwhile, Jill assumes Kimberly is pregnant when she learns her daughter saw Dr. Joey and concealed the office visit from Jill.

Amish Girls

Jill considers tubal ligation. Brock must dance the polka with the Mayor for charity. Haunted by the death of his brother, Littleton returns to Chicago. Kimberly is arrested for protesting pig-wrestling at the town fair. During a celebration welcoming the Pope to town, someone opens fire, and a man is killed.

Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls) Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls)
Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls) Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls)
Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls) Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls)
Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls) Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls)
Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls) Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls)
Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls) Joannas Struggle (Amish Girls)

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