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Gandhi, CEO: 14 Principles to Guide Inspire Modern Leaders by Alan Axelrod

They may not all come from fancy schools, but they do know how to make smart decisions, adapt to changed circumstances, and work honestly and directly with customers and employees. The CEO Next Door contributes much needed research and data to a subject long dominated by anecdote and conjecture.

Whether you're at the beginning, middle, or later stages of your career, The CEO Next Door, offers practical, actionable advice to not just accelerate your path to the top, but also make you better at every step of the way. Thoughtful and deliberate succession planning is critical at every organization— large or small. Botelho and Powell provide a compelling and concise roadmap to help identify and develop CEOs and senior executive talent; one that is based on extensive data from assessments and field tested experiences.

The analytics-driven insights in the book uncover traits of effective leaders that anyone can develop. Botelho and Powell have written a first-rate guide for aspiring CEOs as well as for those who have already moved into the top spot. Compelling research and real-life stories provide a practical roadmap to leadership and career success that a reader can apply in any setting.

The affirmation of being a CEO is not about background or good fortune but about performance and hard work based on decisiveness, impact, reliability and adapting boldly which sets the stage for any future or current CEO. A must read for all those leaders who care deeply about leading well. A must read for anyone serious about career success. Botelho and Powell weave together cutting edge leadership research with practical advice and inspiring stories to create a useful and credible roadmap to the top.

A must read for aspiring leaders, CEOs, board members, and anyone responsible for grooming future leaders. The CEO Next Door offers a rare view behind the scenes on how leaders get picked for coveted roles and how they really succeed and fail. It offers perspectives that are refreshingly candid and deeply researched. CEOs come from different backgrounds in terms of economic status, education, family, gender, race, color, country of origin and sexual orientation.


Majority of them do an adequate job, some of them perform exceptionally well while few are utter failures. Everyone have a unique story of their journey to get to this destination. So what differentiates the top performers, mediocre performers and the laggards? This seminal work by Elena and Kim does an outstanding job of identifying habits and traits of super stars versus average performers. The frequent references to real situations and real people makes the book even more credible.

The book ends on an optimistic note that everyone in any leadership position with determination and drive can master the skills. This is a must read for those who aspire to make a difference. This book is a comprehensive resource for leaders who want to be better at hiring, promoting, and growing great employees. Review : "This book just oozes with wisdom. From recruiting to evaluations, this is one of the most well-researched and useful books on the market. There are books out there you wish you'd read earlier, and this one is on my list. Are you doing everything right?

Christensen argues your business could still fail. Read this book to glean valuable insights into changing technology and why it's critical to your company's success.

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Review : "Attention all future game-changers: If you're looking to change the world, you can't follow the world's rules. This book gives you a blueprint for action. It's a straightforward handbook for anyone dreaming of starting their own business or being their own boss. The takeaway?

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You can't do it while stuck in traditional channels of business plans, competition, and investors. Review : "Rework was an absolutely fantastic read! I highly recommend it to anyone who plans to start a business. The chapters are short but packed with tools that will help you focus on the real priorities of having a sustainable business and work environment. You know that moment when an idea takes off?

That's what this book unpacks. Gladwell discusses the changing way people think about selling products and sharing ideas, trends, and social behaviors. Learn how to pitch your own ideas, listen to those of your staff, and be part of the great ones when they take off. Review : "'The Tipping Point' is excellent at providing insight into how large changes can be caused by small ones. It summarizes three ways an idea can go from insignificant to catching on in a large way. Businesses are filled with people who've worked hard to excel -- but only a handful reach the top. Goldsmith, an executive coach, shares the nuanced behaviors setting them apart.

If you're wondering how to make the jump to a CEO or executive role reach for this book now. Review : "As an executive coach, I work with high performers who sometimes wonder why they are stalled in reaching the next level of success. I found this book overflowing with insights I can use in these situations.

15 Business Books Everyone Should Read

Taking on a leadership role can be challenging. But have no fear, this book provides a framework for building better relationships, a successful team, and culture in which your team can grow and thrive. Review : "Radical Candor is one of the most helpful books on management I have read. Not only is the theoretical model caring personally while providing critical feedback incredibly helpful, but there are dozens of practical suggestions and tips on everything from meetings to successfully managing large projects.

This book really does lay out a framework to allow you and your staff to do the best work of your lives. How do you become a successful leader?

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Adam Grant uses academic studies and stories to illustrate how to recognize a great idea, move past doubt and fear, and build a culture that empowers people to see the world differently. Review : "In Originals, Grant teaches us how to develop new ideas and how to vet them; how to pitch those ideas to others; when to trust our gut and when not to; the difference between power and status and so much more!

Our habits play a major role in our day-to-day lives, both at work and outside of it. Duhigg dives into the details behind how habits are formed and provides advice for breaking bad habits.

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Developing positive habits and breaking damaging ones will set you up for future success. Review : "This book helps us understand how habits are formed and how we can use them to our benefit, change them when we need to and replace them when necessary. Duhigg does warn the reader that although we understand the way habits are made and altered it is not always easy to do it. Determining the actual cue, for example, can take some experimentation and work. This book, recommended by Warren Buffet, details the stories of successful CEOs and their corporate management techniques.

It's a must-read for anyone who hopes to lead a company someday. Review : "The basic premise is that a successful CEO needs to do two jobs - a run their operations efficiently and b decide how to deploy cash generated by those operations. Business schools are great at training future CEOs to do the first. The skills required to be effective at the second job is closer to those of an investor and aren't a focus for those entering Corporate America. Want more? Read this Freakonomics book summary next. Originally published Feb 7, PM, updated February 08 Contact Us.

Investors Investor Relations. Subscribe to Our Blog Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. Thank You! Get HubSpot free. Sales 12 min read. Best Books for CEOs 1. Drucker Drucker argues we all must be our own CEOs. Christensen Are you doing everything right? Thorndike This book, recommended by Warren Buffet, details the stories of successful CEOs and their corporate management techniques. Don't forget to share this post!

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The Guide and the CEO: A novel The Guide and the CEO: A novel
The Guide and the CEO: A novel The Guide and the CEO: A novel
The Guide and the CEO: A novel The Guide and the CEO: A novel
The Guide and the CEO: A novel The Guide and the CEO: A novel
The Guide and the CEO: A novel The Guide and the CEO: A novel
The Guide and the CEO: A novel The Guide and the CEO: A novel
The Guide and the CEO: A novel The Guide and the CEO: A novel
The Guide and the CEO: A novel The Guide and the CEO: A novel
The Guide and the CEO: A novel

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