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In our system, we need two digits to express that amount, Roman numeral "X" represents that amount using a single character.

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Digits are merely symbols to represent amounts. The whole world just happens to speak base Base 12 means that we are using 12 characters. It didn't take much to reveal the underlying melodic phrases. As you can see, many of the phrases contain long strings of straight quarter notes, which is the simplest possible way to play a sequence. Be sure to check out my bio and the store.

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Chromatic Waltz

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    Chromatic Waltz - Piano Chromatic Waltz - Piano
    Chromatic Waltz - Piano Chromatic Waltz - Piano
    Chromatic Waltz - Piano Chromatic Waltz - Piano
    Chromatic Waltz - Piano Chromatic Waltz - Piano
    Chromatic Waltz - Piano Chromatic Waltz - Piano
    Chromatic Waltz - Piano Chromatic Waltz - Piano
    Chromatic Waltz - Piano Chromatic Waltz - Piano

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