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I generally don't listen to beyonce at all as she has to much "girly" in the lack of a better word music for my taste. I prefer metal and that genre and more upbeat songs. However I will say that this song does represent what I hope to be to someone someday.

I thought I was recently and got both spirit and heart utterly crushed to the point that I had to seek help. That was some weeks ago now, and these days I am of a different opinion. She gave up on me, and while I will give her a second chance if she wants it, I won't even think about her otherwise for the very reason that I know what I want and if she just wants to be friends, well then that isn't going to work for me.

I know that I will always want more if we have that so she has to make up her mind what she wants. Flag malcite on June 23, Flag sophs on July 13, General Comment I'm not a fan of Beyonce, I'm more into rock-n-roll, but this song is without question the best song on the album. It has been a long time since a song has moved me, and this one surely did it. It's obvious what the song is about and it should without a doubt be the next single. Wake up Sheoples Flagged gary on June 03, In order to avoid the risk of getting hurt again, she built walls around her.

Some time later a guy comes into her life. She finds it hard to stay behind those walls.

Picture us dancing real close in a dark, dark corner of a basement party

It even happens so naturally that she couldn't even hide her feelings. Finally, she had the courage to step out of her comfort zone And take the risk to let him into her life. Cause she knows that he is worth of taking the risk. She feels like this is something new that she's never had before. She is thankful God and praying him for making this happened. The words are spilled out beautifully.

Been there, done that. Instead of hiding behind those walls, We have to bring them down to the ground to welcome new people into our lives. We have to let go of our past. Nelly 79, you described it beautifully! Flag GTR57 on April 24, Song Meaning this song is definitly about halo 3.

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Flag darkartemisa on August 09, Song Meaning I interpret this song as a baby I am about have our first baby any day now. And the first time I heard this all I could think about was our little guy on the way. I love it. Every time I hear it, I feel like it's meant for him, to tell him how I feel, how much I love him.

Simply beautiful! Flag jsikes on May 24, General Comment I'm pretty sure this song is about a lover that died. The "walls" that she sings of in the first verse, they had been built in order to make the whole situation of living without her partner as easily as possible But then she allows the walls to fall down, and she's found a way of letting him in again "I aint never gonna shut you out".

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She is now able to grieve, "I can see your halo". Omg i never thought of it like that at all, but i think you could be right. Motor racing. US sports.

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Coming out of his experiences as a too-cool-for school DJ in New York, the song functions perfectly well as a satire of Nathan Barley-type trendies. Has a break-up dirge ever stung so bitterly as when the Libertines duo counted the ways in which each had betrayed the other? Father Lucifer was further inspired by visions she had received whilst taking peyote with a South American shaman. But the Satanic majesty also flows from the lyrics — which spoke to the pandemonium of the era and the sense that civilisation could come crashing in at any moment.

The gordian mystery of Bewlay Brothers?

The meta horror movie of Ashes to Ashes? The uncanny last will and testament that was the entirety of Blackstar — a ticking clock of a record that shape-shifted into something else entirely when Bowie passed away three days after its release? But it was also a break-up record mourning the end of his marriage of 11 months to Carrie Fisher. Are We There. But how he lands his blows here in this soul-baring recounting of a violent disagreement with his father. Loudon III, a cult folkie in his own right walked out on the family when Rufus was a child and the simmering resentments had lingered on.

He references the Book of Ecclesiastes but also Elvis Presley, and offers up the grim perspective of a man whose views do not fit in with the world around him.

Beyonce Song Lyrics Beyonce Song Lyrics
Beyonce Song Lyrics Beyonce Song Lyrics
Beyonce Song Lyrics Beyonce Song Lyrics
Beyonce Song Lyrics Beyonce Song Lyrics
Beyonce Song Lyrics Beyonce Song Lyrics
Beyonce Song Lyrics Beyonce Song Lyrics

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