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Support Select this reward. His world has fallen from beneath him and he spends his days in an abyss of grief. His mother Louise stays with him for a few weeks to help him get back on his feet but there comes a point when David must learn to pick up the pieces himself and move on - for the sake of their children, Harper and Lewis. But David is still struggling to keep things together and when Vicky stops by to see how they are doing she finds the house littered with takeaway containers and dirty dishes with the children glued to the TV, amusing themselves, and David lost in a void amidst it all.

Vicky takes charge and moves in with them to bring order back into the children's lives while David goes back to work. He finds that Vicky's presence is a Godsend as she manages to keep the place going, the children happy and everyone fed - something he struggled to do. He is so impressed he ends up asking her to to stay on as the children's nanny, for which he would pay her, as they adore her and he admits that he use the help.

It's the perfect solution for everyone. Or is it? It's no secret that Anna liked everything to be perfect. She wanted the perfect life, the perfect husband, to live in a perfect house with the perfect children and have the perfect job.

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She worked hard to make this happen so everything would remain So when she died suddenly, Anna's perfect life ended But Anna was far from perfect. She was a complete bitch that had me twisted in knots throughout most of the story. A despicable person, I felt nothing but contempt for her. She was an entitled narcissist who was so obviously a sociopath.

She had no remorse for anything she did or who she hurt, trampling over anyone to get what she wanted. To her, their feelings were not her problem. Even as a wife and mother, Anna was bored. She just could not see how lucky she was And what Anna wanted, Anna got. But what made me hate Anna even more was her brutal attack on her mother's cat in such an uncontrollable rage that Vicky had to stop her.

But it was too late My heart ached for Vicky. I could relate to her and identify with some aspects of her personality as a quiet, meek and somewhat insecure young girl who just ached to be loved. So low is her self worth that even when she has been wronged she will still apologise and blame herself. Her young life goes from one trauma to another as she just yearns for acceptance. And when abuse she endures at home becomes too much to bear, Anna hatches a sinister plan to help Vicky escape.

But it came with a cost which bound Vicky in a whole new way to Anna, who never missed the chance to hold it over her whenever she wanted Vicky to do her bidding. This manipulation extends into their adulthood and made me just loathe Anna. Many may not like Vicky because she could appear weak when succumbing to Anna at almost every whim As if Anna herself was completely guiltless. However, if Anna did anything she taught Vicky how to be deceitful and manipulative Has she slipped up?

Has she gone too far? Either way, still haunted by the secrets of her past, she continues to be influenced by Anna's transgressions. Since no one else knew each other as well as they did it was rather ingenious of the author to have Vicky confide in Anna once again, despite the fact she would never read them. This toxic tale from start to finish is both intriguing and chilling that hynotises the reader, as Anna and Vicky both play with fire and we simply can't look away.

But the question remained The only problem I had with this book was the end. Oh, it was satisfactory but it did leave you with questions It wasn't a bad ending but, for me, it wasn't perfect. I wasn't sure what I expected when I dived into this book, but it wasn't this! I had heard mixed reviews about it so therefore I expected it to be mediocre but it was anything but! I loved it and loved to hate Anna! The more I read, the more I hated her. And the more I hated her, the more I wanted Vicky to have the last laugh. But does she?

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Grab yourself a copy, read it and find out! You know you want to. Aug 23, Hans rated it it was ok. After the first 2 books by this writer which I really enjoyed very much this was a disappointment. Nothing in the way of explaining happened in the first 3 quarters of this book. That was all just background. Also I couldn't relate to the 2 leading ladies at all. Rating: I am undecided between 3 or 4 so 3. I'll look after them, Anna. I promise.

Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever

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