Armageddon is Upon Us

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What does this mean to you?

They are 'essential' for the proper functioning of all ecosystems, the researchers say, as food for other creatures, pollinators and recyclers of nutrients.

Most of the studies they analyzed were from the USA and Europe. Also, very little is known about many types of flies, ants, aphids, crickets and other bugs, and undiscovered specimens are being discovered all the time.

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It is difficult to come to a definitive conclusion using limited data of an incomplete picture. Others, only humidity. Others, only wind direction.

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Trying to cobble those sparse, disparate points into something resembling a picture of global trends is ambitious, to say the least. Meanwhile, for years there have been reports of a mysterious decline in the bee population.

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In , the number of honeybee colonies in the US was 6 million. Today it is 2.

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Emergency exemptions for sulfoxaflor aren't some new way Trump dreamed up to kill bees. When he was president, Obama issued similar exemptions for sulfoxaflor year after year. We demand the immediate and without condition cessation of payments towards our creditors, as well as the opening up of the debt books so we can use debt auditing to ground our demand of non repayment.

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An immediate cessation of payments and the subsequent deferral of the bond exchange will deter many evils. Firstly the bankruptcy of our pension funds, which following the PSI agreement will see 12 billion Euros wiped from their assets. Secondly, the scandalous repayment of our first bailout loan from the troika of billion Euros, which was never even voted in parliament, but today will be repaid as per usual, and will not see a single euro cut from its value.

Thirdly, our long-term demand for Germany to repay the loans it was given whilst Greece was under catastrophic Nazi rule may finally be heard. The state of emergency as a reason to retract from international obligations, specifically through the announcement of cessation of payments, is recognized by the UN Commission of International Law and by the International Court of The Hague.

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The policies implemented by the government and the troika are not only catastrophic and inhuman, but they are also illegal and unconstitutional and for this reason all those responsible will one day be held accountable. Only through a referendum could such treaties, like the new International Treaty which so radically alters the conditions of the Greek populace, be legitimized.

As long as they have not been validated through a referendum and as long as they tie the Greek populace to enslavement, the Greek people will consider them null and void, as they will consider all Memorandums and polices that accompany it. They will not deter default, but bring it closer.

What does this mean to you?

Even the Germans are now acknowledging that sooner or later they will come again to bring new austerity packages, new treaties and further impoverishment as they believe there is no alternative. The government and the troika are inflicting a strategic and violent redistribution of income off the backs of the weakest; the welfare state health, education, social security and public utilities is going to fully collapse, and Greece will be turned into a colony with German Gauleiters as governors.

The Greek Debt Audit Campaign, together with other social groups had foreseen this as a raw class conflict that will sink society into misery, demolishing rights which took decades to instate.

Armageddon is Upon Us Armageddon is Upon Us
Armageddon is Upon Us Armageddon is Upon Us
Armageddon is Upon Us Armageddon is Upon Us
Armageddon is Upon Us Armageddon is Upon Us
Armageddon is Upon Us Armageddon is Upon Us
Armageddon is Upon Us Armageddon is Upon Us
Armageddon is Upon Us Armageddon is Upon Us
Armageddon is Upon Us Armageddon is Upon Us
Armageddon is Upon Us Armageddon is Upon Us

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