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    • Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Translator 4. Want to Read saving… Error rating book. Steinfeld , Jane Yolen Goodreads Author 4. Turzillo 3. Just Desserts by J. Similar considerations lay behind the casting of Sgt Mulligan, a character who appears out of nowhere, has a couple of big scenes in the second of which he pleads with Custer for his life, forfeit on account of desertion , and then vanishes as if he had never been.

      Mulligan owed his brief existence—was enlisted—because Yordan felt it necessary to attract another star name, to put on the marquee and in advertising. Enter Robert Ryan, who took the money, said the lines crafted for him by Zimet, and ran. This would allow the ballroom scene to continue, save having to locate the crazy or drunk actor, and save having to reshoot.

      While Siodmak kept the dancers in motion, I rehearsed the new actor in his role, and tailors stitched together a bespoke uniform. Within minutes he burst upon the scene, apologised on behalf of the government minister for his absence—due to a crisis in Washington—and announced an impending honour for Custer. It was a weak solution, but it saved a lot of money. In short, the producer, having cooked up a deal to sell a Custer movie with profits assured in advance , had no real interest in whether the end product was any good, let alone historically accurate.

      When John Ford made My Darling Clementine he boasted that his friendship with Wyatt Earp guaranteed authenticity, then went on to set the film in the wrong year, and kill off both Doc Holliday and Ike Clanton before their time. No such claims were ever made for Custer of the West —pace Showguide —so scholarly analysis would be as useful as using a tomahawk to scalp Yul Brunner.

      Even so there is one howler that cannot pass unremarked. The movie contains no reference to either Sitting Bull or Crazy Horse, and the entire Lakota nation is only mentioned en passant. The fact that we seem to be pushing you clear off the earth is not my responsibility.

      You just had more men and more horses. You destroyed them in battle. You took what you wanted, and right or wrong, for better or worse, that is the way things seem to get done. You are a militarily defeated people. You are paying the price for being backward.

      Do you understand? If the movie has no place in the lecture hall, how well does it fare in the movie theatre?

      Ray Bradbury

      Like the 7th Cavalry it stands or falls on the performance of its star. Moreover the sadistic impulses that Shaw sought to emphasise are only apparent in a few scenes, all of them early; for example, he orders his new command to run in circles until—one by one—the men drop. This internal conflict becomes manifest in his behaviour: natural justice, personal liberty, and romanticism versus manifest destiny, military discipline, and patriotism.

      It is best expressed during a scene in which a representative of the military-industrial complex demonstrates the efficacy of a new weapon: a gatling gun mounted upon an armoured railway carriage. In which case the final battle represents the psychological struggle made flesh and blood, as the irreconcilable positions take up arms against each other. The movie began with a montage of Civil War charges, and it ends with a civil war made personal. The pivotal moment—when Custer is most himself—occurs when he is summoned to Washington to appear before a congressional committee.

      99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2 99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2
      99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2 99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2
      99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2 99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2
      99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2 99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2
      99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2 99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2
      99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2 99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2
      99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2 99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2
      99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2 99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2
      99 Cent Ebook Theater Issue 2

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